Let them eat expensive cake!

2 Aug

Magnolia Bakery opened in Los Angeles last month. For those of you unfamiliar with the East Coast phenomena this is big news. Angeleno’s worship at the alter of Sprinkles so an East Coast cupcake shop moving in is kinda of a big deal. Personally, being from the  east myself, I’ve never hopped on the Sprinkles band wagon. Ok, I’ll just say it…they suck. Actually, to be perfectly honest, I had magnolia cupcakes in NY and wasn’t wowed by them either. But, I decided to give it another try last week. I had a friend coming over for dinner and I really wanted cute cupcakes, I was channeling Martha Stewart. After waiting in line and getting drunk off the smell of powder sugar I walked out with a $40 two layer chocolate cake with butter cream frosting. WHAT, $40 for a cake? Clearly I’m a sucker for impulse buys. The cupcakes looked so sad next to this amazing cake and it was on a paper doily and in an old fashioned diner-style cake stand. I caved. At the time, $40 seemed totally worth it. As soon as they handed me the white paper box I got buyer’s remorse. I rushed home and tried to recreate the image that made me fall in love to begin with. I grabbed the cake stand and stood back. Did I just waste almost $50 on cake? (Note, I tend to round up when I panic and round down, way down when I’m happy) My friend came the next day. After some uninspiring manicotti-ish thing I made we dove into the cake. It was great. Not the best, I wouldn’t request it for a last meal, but it was a solid $38 cake. With the help of the friend and the husband I ate almost the entire thing. Will I buy it again, no, probably not. Not exactly in The Poor Girl budget. So now the challenge is to make it myself, but maybe even a little better. It will be the weekend project. Stay tuned.

Cake: $40

Justification: Dinner Party? Deduct $10 

-The Poor Girl


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