Chuck E Cheese, I loved you so…

3 Aug
Ruby a finalist in Martha Stewart’s Pary Animal Photo Contest

I want to have a party. I’m a sucker for throwing a party. But here’s my confession, I like the act of “throwing” more than the party itself. I think I have an actual phobia about guest lists. Weeding through who-hates-who and who-wants-to-date-who, making sure you have a good ratio of women to men, singles to couples. Ugh, exhausting. Matching plates to napkins is my thing; matching shes to hims is not. Then there’s the issue of what do you do if it’s not a dinner party? Remember being five and the event of the year included an afternoon at Chuck E Cheese? What do you do when you’re too big for the bouncy house?


One Response to “Chuck E Cheese, I loved you so…”

  1. Kim August 3, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    Are you ever really too big for a bouncy house?????

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