It’s the great Halloween depression, Charlie Brown

20 Aug


Every year I get super psyched for Halloween. I mean I really have high, high hopes for a great time. The sad ending to that story comes when I go all out and get totally let down by Halloween. If you’re too old to trick or treat, too old to get tanked at a bar in a skanky costume or don’t have kids, this day is not for you. It’s just not. Try as I might it just breaks my heart. So will I give up on it this year? Not put out my boxes and boxes of decorations, not bake a bunch of crap no one will eat? Nope, I’ll do it all, cause I like to torture myself.

Actually I bought the most amazing mercury glass skull last week. At 26 bucks it was a steal.

Oh Halloween, I’ll be there in the pumpkin patch again this year, don’t let me down!

p.s. yes I know it’s August, I’m just that excited.


One Response to “It’s the great Halloween depression, Charlie Brown”

  1. mike and kelly August 24, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    The Great Pumpin eventually comes to all who believe!

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