What I made over the weekend…

21 Sep

I spent my entire weekend making things. For starters, I made a pumpking spice layer cake with Maple cream cheese frosting. I promise you, I will master the art of baking if it kills me. The cake turned out pretty good. I could go for a slice right now.

After the cake I felt brave and tried my hand at spaghetti al a cabonara. I’ve always been a fan of eating it, but when it comes to raw eggs, I’d rather not be in charge. But I put my fears aside and gave it a whirl. Not only was it so easy, it only takes about 10 min from start to finish and cost me under $2.50 a serving. A little confession, I got lazy  and didn’t want to grate the cheese that the recipe called for so I just used a shredded cheese blend from Trader Joes and although it was good, it was definitely missing something. Next time I’ll go for the upper body workout and grate the correct cheese.

The chicken turned out so good and again, super cheep. Note, you need to use fresh herbs for this one.

To make the chicken (or fish):

3 garlic cloves sliced into “discs”

3 tbs good olive oil

1 spring of rosemary coarsely chopped

2 tbs Italian or flat leaf parsley coarsely chopped.

1 tbs thyme coarsely chopped.

Salt and Pepper

Directions: Mix everything in a dish. Poke holes in the chicken or fish and add to the mixture. Toss the chix or fish to coat. Let sit for as long as you want. I left it for about 20 minutes. Heat a grill or grill pan and spray with cooking spray. Grill chicken until almost done then finish cooking in the 375 degree oven. Chicken is done when it reads 160 on a meat thermometer or when there is no pink visible and juices run clear.

I also worked on some craft projects, more on those later. Daisy kept piece of my projects safe by sleeping on them while I was cooking. Quite the guard dog.


One Response to “What I made over the weekend…”

  1. Brandi September 21, 2010 at 5:02 pm #

    Your cake is perfectly fall! I need to find some inspiration like that around…but first I need some people to eat my inspiration so I don’t eat it by myself. And I will try this chicken soon — it looks so delicious.

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