More rooms in the dream house

30 Sep

The Study

From Lonny via Desire to Inspire

A little bit of trivia for ya, that picture hanging above the fireplace is taken from the painting “Christina’s World” which was done by Andrew Wyeth in 1948. Christina was his neighbor and was paralyzed. He saw her through a window of her house crawling across the grass. He was inspired by the idea that due to her illness, this view was her entire world. Fun fact, Wyeth’s wife posed for the painting. That’s her torso you see. Thank you art history minor! Now go impress your friends.

Alternate Kitchen…in case things go better than planned and I move into a bigger house.

from Desire to Inspire, photo from Susan Gilmore

The hood and vintage appliances makes me weak in the knees.


One Response to “More rooms in the dream house”

  1. Florida Girl Meets the Midwest October 4, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    Love that country kitchen. I am a fan of the mismatched island.

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