A Poor Girl Challenge

22 Oct


from Amy Atlas


This Halloween we’ve decided to throw a small dinner party with a few close friends. That sounds great, right? Issue is we’re brokesville. So instead of whipping out my side kick, Amex, I’ve decide to put this party on a budget and stick to it (a new thing for me).

Here are the details:

10 people (I think)

2 appetizers

2 side dishes

1 main dish

dessert bar

Signature drink

Total Budget: $150

The rules:

I’m not counting decorations. I already have Halloween decor so I don’t need to buy any. I will include things like paper plates and other paper goods. I’m not counting beer or wine because I have wine already and I’ll ask people to bring beer. Ingredients I already have will not be added because, well, I already paid for them.



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