Thanksgiving Table

25 Nov

I wanted to share the table. Notice the four plates? That’s cause this year our first Thanksgiving will be small. I was worried that it would be sad not being with family or lonely only having four people but I can happily report that none of that is true. Traditions are nice, but new traditions can be a good thing and family can be a broad term. As I type this, I’m still in pajamas, smelling turkey and watching trashy TV. The husband is playing chess against the computer. Two of his closest friends are coming over later and we’ll eat too much, drink too much and collapse. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Pj’s and trashy TV might have to be a new tradition. So, this year I hope you all are finding new traditions of your own and enjoying time the people who you consider “family”.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Xoxo, J.S.


One Response to “Thanksgiving Table”

  1. kelly grimshaw December 8, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Your table looks lovely!! your turkey looked mouth watering and I am so proud of you!!! Sorry it took sooo long for me to read this, I feel like that turkey – stuffed to the brim with tooo much to do! We missed you both very much, but we are so happy you had a nice day and started some new traditions of your own. Only 10 more days and you will be here!! i can’t wait!!

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