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My New Laptop Bag

16 Dec


from Crate and Barrel

I have a Mac laptop. Since Apple has decided to suck every last dime out of us, they went ahead and made all their computers weird sizes, thus forcing you into their stores to buy their product (evil geniuses).  So its been hard to find a bag that 1. fits my computer and accessories and 2. is not heinously ugly. Enter Crate and Barrel. I was getting my ipod fixed (and hating life) when I decided to take a walk to Crate and Barrel. In the back corner of the store was this lonely little bag in the prettiest shade of teal. Low and behold it was on SALE! A Christmas miracle if you ask me. So I snatched up that bag and headed to the counter. Merry Christmas to me.

Large tote – on sale for $59.



Holiday Gift Guide – the men we love

14 Nov

From top left

Hudson Whiskey $33 to $42

Personalized pub glasses $50

Infinium Beer Champagne $20 for 750 milliliters, 888-726-2326.

Brendan Ravenhill bottle opener, $20,

Ridley Games $24

Whiskey Stones $20

Grooming Kit $25,

Pepper Mill Henrik mill, $40,

ID Speakers $36,

Star Wars Shirts $38

Levi Jeans

Bodom Travel Press

Personalized Map Jigsaw Puzzel $40,

Holiday Gift Guide – Jewelry

14 Nov

Freshy Fig bird locket $34 here.

Earrings $24 here.

Kate Spade Bracelet $48 here.

Freshy Fig Oak Leaf necklace $25 here.

Holiday Gift Guide is HERE!

14 Nov

Good morning beauties! I’ve been compiling some cool gifts for the ones you love and the good news…they’re all under $50! Some as cheap as $7! Here’s how were going to do it, today you’ll get all the store-bought ideas. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the DIY gifts, and yes, I found ideas for men and they’re not lame. It was a small miracle but I think I did it. As always, I’m open to any of your great ideas as well So, if you have one to share drop me line. Happy shopping.

From top left

CB2 Set of 4 Champagne glasses $16 here.

Cotton Candy machine $50 here.

Stila Eye shadow pallet $38 here.

Madewell Scarf $25 here.

Sweater dress $33 here.

Fancy make up bags $7 here.

Twirl by Kate Spade $18 -$80 here.

Rosanna dessert plates $40 here.

Sparkly flats by Steve Madden $50 here.

Holiday Gift Ideas: New watch

2 Nov

from Nordstroms

This watch is so awesome. It’s on the higher side of Poor Girl but still doable.


Yes Please, LL. Bean!

15 Oct

Who knew LL.Bean had such cute bags?At under $300 they’re not exactly “Poor Girl” friendly, but not totally out of the question either (if your still have available credit).

LL. Bean Signature

New Purchase

8 Oct


From Shop Ruche

Normally these shoes would not be thing, but lately I’ve decided to step out of my fashion comfort zone and make a change. I’m not positive that I can pull these off, but they were $40 so I’m going to try. Do you think I can wear these with a dress??